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The Ball - Manchester Derby by Nuno Mendes: Melancholy wants to set a record (Sporting)

The Ball – Manchester Derby by Nuno Mendes: Melancholy wants to set a record (Sporting)

The departure of Nuno Mendes at the end of this season is gaining more and more strength and seems irreversible. According to data collected by A BOLA, the fate of the young prodigy athlete may pass through Manchester, as the two major clubs appear to be playing a real derby by the millions in an attempt to first reach a future agreement with the athlete responsible for the Portuguese international transfer as well.

Our newspaper has learned that the manager of Nuno Mendes, Miguel Binho, is waiting today in Manchester, where he is expected to stay for the next few days. A trip with the primary goal of returning to be with Bruno Fernandez – United playing today with Fulham – after the air communication became uncomplicated due to the pandemic crisis, but it may lead to more talks.

Sporting and even Robin Amorim know that it will be very difficult to hold Nuno Mendes for another season, given the interest the young team is showing in several European clubs. But he wants to take advantage of the player’s termination clause, amounting to 70 million euros, to make the biggest sale ever in sports football history, which until now was called Bruno Fernandez, and was transferred to Manchester United (55 million euros). It should be noted that Miguel Pinho has distinguished relations.

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