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The Ball - For Pepa, fifth place is "a title" (Paços de Ferreira)

The Ball – For Pepa, fifth place is “a title” (Paços de Ferreira)

Famalecao’s win on Wednesday in Guimarães (2-1) secured Bacos de Ferreira fifth place in the league. Pepa tied the achievement by winning the title.

“Fifth place is the culmination of excellence for a wonderful season at all levels, and it is for us a title. It’s fun to enjoy this to the fullest, and that means being like us in tomorrow’s match against Gilles Vicente. Pepa said: Enjoying responsibility and finishing with beauty, with good football, is part of what we do and what we like a lot, stressing that there is a “brand image” in his team: “Everyone knows who plays, even if the game goes in black and white.”

«Once again promotion: Fifth place, two days from the end, not even in the best dreams. But we always want more, and I don’t know what tomorrow will be [sexta-feira]But I feel it will be an open match, ”he said, and this will be the coach’s farewell match at the Capital de Mouvelle stadium, as the season ends in Tondela.

“Nostalgia has been hitting for a long time. From the moment the decision is made, there is always a feeling of nostalgia and nostalgia every single day, even if you are here. We have to look at this naturally. There was coexistence, communication, and feelings for everyone. Everyone paddled to the same side, and we all went out, ”he commented.

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