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Tania Ribas de Oliveira in mourning.  "She left in our arms"

Tania Ribas de Oliveira in mourning. “She left in our arms”

“MBauer spoke to us. Yes, we died. The Power came to us in 2007, we were children without children and full of dreams. The three lived alone for five long years and when Thomas arrived, he welcomed him with love. Perhaps, knowing that a great friend is coming, who today mourns his passing. ”These were Tania Ribes de Oliveira’s first words in an emotional post revealing the passing of Al-Jahiz.

“Bauer passed us: our best friend. Of the four. He is always grateful and full of love, whether the children are still crawling on him, and he receives them daily from the school full of stories to tell. Always ready, happy, listener, selfless patient,” he remembers after that.

“We spent five vacations across the country, lived close to each other every day, supported his first steps and his last fall, and we took him on his lap at the beginning and the end and for a lifetime, other than being with him, he will always be.” Thank you, my love. For all that you gave us, “We said in your ear, and we hope that it is engraved in your soul, my dear.”

But he did not stop here and said, “You have left in our arms and I think you know how much we love you and how much you are engraved as a tattoo. We do not know what it would be like to live without you, but we promise you to learn. And you, our lovely dog, will leave us with the most emotion: the dark emptiness to hear your steps in home design , And you will be pampered in your already stored food bowl, of not going to bed without walking, when you are already wandering in the clouds … and on the other hand, you leave a legacy of absolute love for no reason, from one or the other clinging to our clothes, from the most beautiful looks that you will live to Eternity is in our memory. Sorry, but you should be here. “

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“What do we do for the sadness left behind by your absence? They do not know what it would be like to live without you and we, knowingly, no longer remember. But we promise to respect what your life has given us all: love. The best fifteen years of our life, we spent it beside you. We will never know how to thank you. Enough… But “thank you” is all I have right now. The rest longs to echo in the void Thank you Powerzineo “You can also read side of two pictures of the four-legged friend.

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