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SV: A Successful 5-year-old Student Is Online with a Class on How to Avoid Dengue Fever

SV: A Successful 5-year-old Student Is Online with a Class on How to Avoid Dengue Fever

A video showing 5-year-old Mighty Andrade grabbed attention on social media. In production, daycare center student Eduardo Furkini (Parque das Bandeiras) gave a real lesson on how to avoid dengue fever. Watch below.

In a fun way, and with a lot of creativity, Maiti explains the need to eliminate outbreaks of water, which is used as a breeding ground for the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which transmit dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya.

The production was supported by mother Daniel Santos Andrade, 36. The teacher spent a video tape talking about the topic. He watched Mighty and was very concerned with ending the water outbreak. The mother, who made the “mosquito” with some scraps, acetate and hot glue, said she realized this desire in her and invited her to play and simulate all the actions. Leave the final art to the daughter who painted the insect.

Learning while having fun

In this spirit of mixing fun and learning, Danielle recorded the video, where Mighty interacts with her doll to show how disease transmission occurs and what ways to avoid disease. “The video was a return to an activity developed by Professor Roma,” said Lenny Ferreira da Cunha Cruz, the daycare coordinator with Juliana Marland de Asis. “What pleased us was the way Maiti directed the video with a very educational outlook.”

Roma Soares Gonçalves, a teacher of 19 years, praised the involvement of the girl’s mother. “As much as the teacher works on the other side of the screen, the parent’s participation is very important to this training at this very difficult time that we are living in,” he said, reluctantly that he is waiting impatiently to return to class, as soon as possible, to meet your students in person.

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I was so proud to be with me. Students are agents of multiplying the information and when the activity proposal was put forward on dengue, the idea was exactly that, ”the teacher said.