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"Stranger Things": The actor reveals that the fourth season will be the scariest in the series

“Stranger Things”: The actor reveals that the fourth season will be the scariest in the series

In an interview with Radar games, the actor Joe Kerry, Who plays Steve Harrington, mentioned that the fourth season of ‘Weird thingsIt will be the scariest in the series.

“Dude, Season 4 is going to be amazing – the Duffer brothers managed to surprise again. I think this season – and I know I say that every year – is going to be the scariest of the show.”

The plot of Season 4 will feature the bouncy trapped in Russia, while in the US, a new horror arises, something long buried, that will connect everything.

The next round will consist of nine episodes, but there is no date for the first show. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, production of the new year had to be stopped.

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The series was created by Matt Dover e Ross Dover, Who have already revealed they have a plan to end production in the fourth or fifth season.

In a small town, a group of children end up facing a secret government experiment that opens the gate to another dimension called the “Inverted World.” Then the boys begin their own investigations, which lead them to an unusual mystery related to supernatural powers and a very strange little girl.

Cast Winona RyderAnd the David HarborAnd the Finn WolfhardAnd the Millie Bobby BrownAnd the Matarazzo holesAnd the Caleb McLaughlinAnd the Natalia DyerAnd the Charlie HeatonAnd the Dear BonoAnd the Joe KerryAnd the Noah SchnappAnd the Sadie Sync e Dacre Montgomery.

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