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Sophia Arruda reveals that she has been subjected to harassment at work.  "You will not work here again," - celebrities

Sophia Arruda reveals that she has been subjected to harassment at work. “You will not work here again,” – celebrities

Sophia Arruda revealed that she was bullied at work. The 33-year-old actress publicly spoke about the episode for the first time in “High Definition” on Saturday, April 17th. Although she did not specify when the harassment or project would occur, she revealed that the unwanted approach came from a man of sufficient strength at a television production company, while she was involved in recording a TV series.

The sensitive issue arose after Daniel Oliveira questioned actress, star of the comedy series “Patrice Fora”, on SIC, about the TV medium. “Sophia replied, “The situation is very volatile. One day you are the star, and the next day they pull you off the rug and you stop working. I know it happened to me.”

The actress, who became known to the general public in her childhood, explained in the movie “Super Bay”, that she spent nearly two years without working in television. He started by telling Daniel Oliveira, “But I knew why I wasn’t chosen, it’s a delicate situation.”

Sophia Arruda

Sophia Arruda was Daniel Oliveira’s guest on “High Definition” this Saturday.

Credits: Instagram

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Sophia Arruda was Daniel Oliveira’s guest on “High Definition” this Saturday. Credits: Instagram

Sophia Arruda then revealed that, a few years ago, she was the target of a less professional approach by “a person of great power in a television station, in a production company”. The actress explained that at first she did not realize what was going on, and thought that all the lunch and meeting requests were to talk about the project she was involved in at that time.

“That lunch never happened, and luckily. It was someone who really wanted unprofessional style on my part.”The actress stressed, who revealed that an event promoting a series she was working on removed all doubts about what was going on.

“We were at this event and the person turned to me and said to me,“ When we get out of here, you will come with me. ”And I said No. Then, when I started to feel uncomfortable about the situation, I called him, and I explained to him that I always have if it is necessary to talk about work issues “We will arrange a meeting and my agent will go with me. Otherwise, there will be no lunch or anything like that. It was my decision.”

After the call, Sophia found the person in question in the recordings. “I was sitting in the make-up chair, the person arrived and grabbed my arm and asked if this was my last decision [referindo-se à não disponibilidade de Sofia para encontros não profissionais]. I answered him yes and he said: You will not work here again.. I was contemplating it quietly for a fun time, while my arms were accented, which were marked with his fingers. Once the project ended, I spent five or six years without working at that station. “

The “Patr Fores Fora” actress explained that she did not talk about harassment at the time for several reasons, one of which was guilt. “I know I was a victim, but I would have thought a lot if I had hinted at anything. But I know this, I have never allowed any unprofessional approach.”

Regarding potential complaints, Sophia Arruda explained that she has no evidence of harassment or anything to present. But, for the time being, he is contemplating the possibility that his silence could allow him to approach other actresses. “It costs me to think if this guy was able to take advantage of other girls because I didn’t say anything, if other actresses went through the same thing. Because no one is talking about these things.”

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