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SIC Notices |  Govt 19. The UK will start vaccinating pregnant women

SIC Notices | Govt 19. The UK will start vaccinating pregnant women

The UK will start vaccinating pregnant women. The advisory panel to the British government is based on US data.

British pregnant women can start vaccinating from Pfizer and Moderna, Messenger RNA. The government advisory panel on vaccination confirms that they are safe and based on data from the United States, where about 90,000 women have been vaccinated against these drugs.

In Germany, Angela Merkel took the first dose of the astrogenic vaccine. There were no pictures, but the evidence was posted on Twitter by an adviser to the German president. Without waiting for their turn, 50 Germans went to Moscow to be vaccinated by the Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

Poland opened the first drive-through, where people did not need to get out of the car to be vaccinated. The center is located 40 km from Warsaw and is capable of vaccinating 300 people a day.

Belgium is packed with hospitals, especially intensive care. The country is preparing to ease restrictions.

Italy is gradually reopening the country, starting on the 26th, in areas with the lowest number of cases. Priority teaching and outdoor activities. In this country, more than 116,000 people have died with Govt-19 and graves have not been able to respond.

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