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Secretary of State for Communities asks for fame for visiting UK - Observer

Secretary of State for Communities asks for fame for visiting UK – Observer

Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities Berta Nunes said this Thursday He did not see as many complaints as expected and did not even hear compliments from the embassies, He revealed at the end of his visit to the UK.

People appreciate diplomatic services. This Wednesday, a Vice President presented the Ambassador in Manchester with a diploma in recognition of the efforts and work and commitment of the Manchester Embassy and his team, ”Berta Nunes told Lusa.

On the third day of his visit to the United Kingdom, the Secretary of State traveled to Manchester, in the north of the UK, where he visited the embassy and contacted some members of the community.

There may be some problems, there is something wrong with it, but it is not a common problem. The general thing is that people are paying close attention to their situation at the moment, “he said in a telephone statement.

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The minister reiterated plans to strengthen the consulates of the embassies in London and Manchester with more staff, and the embassy service center operating in Lisbon, and centralized the service by phone and email.

Problems are identifiedBerta Nunes, who gave the assurance that the Portuguese community’s dimension in the United Kingdom and the impact of the Brexit and Covit-19 epidemics, and some “very vocal people” were cited as being ill.

Delays in attending embassies, especially for updating identity documents, have been a source of complaints from many because appointments can take weeks or months.

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There is a big concern, I do not see the idea with the community that people can not attend. I did not find it, I did not find it, ”he said.

As the UK loosens controls linked to the Govt-19 epidemic and the vaccination program moves forward, embassies are resuming services such as embassy reserves in remote areas of the country.

Officials at the Manchester embassy are currently in Northern Ireland and the London consulate is planning to move to Jersey Island, where the secretary of state agrees to place a full-time person.

As for Scotland, the governor does not consider it a priority because he understands that most people already have the status quo based on the regulation of residency status in the UK.

“Considering the distances, we consider It would make sense to strengthen the stay [consulares] soon. The presence of an embassy is still being considered as a permanent representation, but it is not a very complex situation, “said Bertha Nunes.

The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities began a three-day visit to the United Kingdom on Tuesday, aimed primarily at assessing the situation of immigrants in terms of residency status and communicating with the community most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic.