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Saving more than a thousand immigrants from the Mediterranean - news

Saving more than a thousand immigrants from the Mediterranean – news

Italian coastal authorities rescued 532 people, who were transported to the island of Lampedusa, while Ocean Vicking, a vessel operated by humanitarian aid group SOS Mediterranée, transported 236 people to a port in Sicily.

Another humanitarian ship, Sea-Watch 4, today, in several operations, counted 264 people in the Mediterranean, while Italian national television also reported another case of an Italian ship that rescued 49 other migrants.

Ocean Viking had transported inflatable dinghies four days earlier, including 119 unaccompanied minors, who were now transported to Port Augusta, Sicily.

Passengers reported to SOS Mediterranee that they were forced by traffickers in Libya into small inflatable boats, forcing them into the high waves.

Several humanitarian groups have called on the European Union to send military ships with special patrols to the Mediterranean, in the face of hundreds of thousands of migrants who are still being rescued, many of whom are ineligible for asylum.

Italy, for its part, is training and equipping coastal authorities in Libya to deter human traffickers.

UNICEF noted that since January, at least 350 people, including women and children, have drowned or have been reported missing.

According to the Italian Ministry of the Interior, 9,000 immigrants arrived in Italy in the first four months of this year.

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