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São Paulo City Council has initiated contact to purchase vaccines from Cuba

Marta Sublici, the Minister of International Relations in São Paulo, kept in touch with representatives of the Cuban Consulate and began talks about the possibility of acquiring vaccines to be developed in Cuba. According to the municipality, the goal is to learn about vaccines.

“short message [Secretaria Municipal da Saúde] He stresses that the important thing, at the moment, is to “open the door” for conversations with laboratories so that the volume is ready to make purchases at the moment, as vaccines can be purchased, with resources already allocated by the municipality’s administration, the City Hall disclosed in a note.

The city informs that, through the Health Secretariat, it has held talks with laboratories and some have expressed their intention to purchase vaccines, as in the cases of Janssen, Pfizer and AstraZeneca itself, which have already been used in the National Immunization Program (NIBP).

The secretariat says it is concerned with the necessary documentation so that the whole process is in advance when vaccines can be purchased. According to the municipality, contacts with the labs were made with permission from the House of Representatives, the Senate, and Mayor Bruno Covas.

The Chargé d’Affairs of the Republic of Cuba in Brazil, Ambassador Rolando Gómez González, confirmed the call to São Paulo City Hall. “The city of São Paulo has shown an interest in exploring the possibility of obtaining Cuban vaccines to counter the Coronavirus pandemic. We have passed all the coordinates of the Cuban institutions – the Finlay Institute and the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – so that they can establish direct contact,” he said.

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The diplomat emphasized that this was an initial contact, as the vaccines had not been approved by the Cuban regulatory body. Rolando Gómez González said that testing with two vaccines is very advanced in the country and is already in phase 3, and indicated that there is currently a high demand for vaccines against covid-19.

The diplomat added that once the Cuban vaccines are approved, it will be possible to take some concrete steps to purchase them. “This requires permission from Anvisa [Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária] To be used, distributed or produced here in Brazil. in another meaning, [neste momento] It is a project, an intention, a very early stage. “

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