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Rough towels?  never!  Two common mistakes to avoid

Rough towels? never! Two common mistakes to avoid

sPerhaps there are few things more annoying than getting out of the shower and drying yourself with a rough towel running over your body. As an article on the VIX portal explains, the dry texture of the piece is probably due to common and seemingly “innocent” washing errors.

Discover two mistakes that leave towels like sandpaper:

1. Excess fabric softener

Yes, it is true that fabric softener can soften a towel if it is used too often.

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This is because the product is made with some type of fat whose excess ends up leaving the piece with that unpleasant texture. Beware the quantities!

2. Do not put towels to dry in the sun

Leaving the towels to dry in the sun contributes to their roughness, as excess heat wrinkles and dries out the fibers that make up the fabric. So, pat it dry in the shade to get a smooth texture.

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