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The value of the projects underway under the Diaspora Investors Act is 50 million euros

Rio assesses Spain’s “confusion” but asks for a “tough position” with the United Kingdom

“If Spain lags behind in its intentions, I say nothing, I’m glad it turned out well,” Rui Rio told reporters in parliament.

The PSD leader acknowledged that these developments and setbacks could send the wrong signals to the Portuguese, but he only described it as a “mess” that he did not classify as “serious or” harmful to national interests, unlike the United Kingdom. .

The Spanish administrator today “apologized for the confusion” and backtracked on his intentions, after announcing on Monday that proof of vaccination against Covit-19 or a negative test would be required at land borders with Portugal.

On the contrary, with regard to the United Kingdom removing Portugal from its tourism “green list”, Rui Rio argued that “the Portuguese government should have a more firm position with the United Kingdom”.

“I do not know if it’s enough to change their position.

For Rio, opening the boundaries “playing a football game they don’t want there”, the Champions League final, “is unfair, it’s not right, it’s not a way to treat Portugal.”

According to the president of the PSD, Porto left two warnings that “the government must take a very tough position, despite the mistake of accepting the Champions League with the public.

“We have almost half a million Portuguese in England, they usually come to their lands during the holidays (…) and we will see if the English who came to watch the game do not come to affect the Portuguese as well. Let it wait a few more days,” he said.

Asked about the PSD’s decision not to resubmit a diploma that would extend the forced use of masks on the street, the result ended Sunday, with Rio MP Ado Silva reiterating his explanations to Lusa.

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“Because now it is the responsibility of the government to monitor this situation. We are not in a situation as severe as it was when we first proposed this project,” he explained.

When asked how the PSD would vote on a similar diploma now being presented by the Socialist Party, Rio said he would like to wait to read the bill, but agreed that “voting in favor is the biggest probability”.

The PSD leader was also questioned about a court ruling that allegedly brought Socialist Party General Secretary Jose Silvano into parliament as a lie, but declined to comment.

“I’m in the process, I know it well, and I have to say I think it’s sensible to even comment and wait. I know the process well, it’s not good to think about,” he said.