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Ricardo Carriso marries at age 56: see the pictures!

Ricardo Carriso marries at age 56: see the pictures!

Actor Ricardo Carrico has exchanged episodes with Anna Rebelo, and some photos of the concert have already been posted on social media.

This Monday, the seventeenth, Ricardo Carrico He became a married man: the actor, 56 years old, traded alliances with Anna Rebelo.

Hours before the party, Ricardo Carrico left an emotional message on Instagram. “Let life show you what it has in store for you,” a friend told me, some time ago … Who would have thought that between the 40s and the 50s, we would stumble upon each other, when we thought that friendship would never lead us to love.

“Sometimes, we did not want to accept what was already evident to many, but our collusion, friendship and even our sense of message and support between us means that when nature wanted it, we discovered that our friendship and our complicity, our intimate relationship, our taste for each other’s love will take us beyond the paradise that It’s called “We Are Two” which always turns into six: Anna, Maria, Thomas, Matilde, No, and Me … “, he added.

“Who would have thought that life would preserve us the beginning of a great happy ending. Thanks to the life that revives us, to the friends, who woke us up, and to Father Ismail who blesses us. I learned from the past that with this my new future really I want to live! Our love is good for me!”

Meanwhile, some photos of the ceremony have already been posted, on social networks, by guests, such as Gio Rodriguez, who signed the bride’s dresses. “Yes, my friends got married and I was lucky to have made dresses that would celebrate this love,” he wrote Designer Fashion, in the caption to the pictures.

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Now, see the photos of Ricardo Carriso and Anna Rebelo’s wedding, in the video and in the gallery that we have prepared for you.