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Railway fire turns train into 'fireball' in UK;  watch |  The world

Railway fire turns train into ‘fireball’ in UK; watch | The world


Pictures of the musician were shared on social networks after the crash

This Friday (23), a large fire disrupted train travel in the Sevanox area of ​​the United Kingdom and created a lot of smoke, prompting local authorities to ask people to keep doors and windows open. Closed to site.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the incident took place Freight train
, Which is practically swallowed by flames’ Fire ball
‘. At least six fire department vehicles were on the scene to fight the fire.

Yet according to the release, no one was injured and no further information on how the fire started. Both sides of the railroad had to be blocked Firefighters
There were also several travel delays, as well as a second minor fire after the first fire was extinguished.

Due to the damage done Fire
, The rescue squad had to use cranes to remove the wagons from the fire scene, the process took several hours to complete and was not completed until early morning.

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