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Queen Sophia plans the day when Princess Leonor will receive confirmation

Queen Sophia plans the day when Princess Leonor will receive confirmation

For the princess Leonor The Sacrament of Confirmation was received on Friday, May 28, at the same place where the First Communion took place in 2015, the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, in Aravanka.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place at midday local time, and only her parents, royalty, will attend the princess Felipe VI e LetiziaAnd baby sister Sophia. Leonor will receive confirmation with his classmates from Santa María de los Rosales, a moment when only parents and siblings of students can attend, a measure the school has taken due to the pandemic, in order to avoid too many people.

In this way, neither the godfather of the Princess of Asturias nor her grandparents will be able to attend on this very special day. So the Queen Sophia, Who was present at the princess’s first communion, will continue her official schedule, and on the same day Leonor confirms, the Queen will award the Queen Sophia Prize for Composition, an event that takes place this year in person, unlike what happened last year, where the act took place via video.

It must be remembered that Princess Leonor’s assertion has sparked a controversy among the parents of the students of the school she attends, since only young people preparing to enter college are confirmed in the institution. Not the case for the princess, who will be studying at UWC Atlantic College in Wales next academic year. Thus, the princess was excluded and dismissed, a decision made by the school that left many parents unhappy.

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According to Vanitatis, the school board has offered no explanation to parents and guardians who have expressed dissatisfaction with the situation. We know this is a way to benefit the princess, but we do not fully understand why. One parent said, to the same post.