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Quatro Pontes receives another 90 doses and follows the first phase of the campaign against the flu - every day

Quatro Pontes receives another 90 doses and follows the first phase of the campaign against the flu – every day

On Monday (19), the Secretariat of Health in Quattro Pontes received another 90 doses of vaccine against the 20th Regional Health Influenza in Toledo. In this way, the target audience of the first phase of the national immunization campaign can now search again for the vaccination room in the health center. In all, according to the secretariat, 583 people will be immunized in this first phase, with six-month-old children for children under the age of six (five years, 11 months and 29 days), pregnant women, postpartum women, indigenous peoples and health workers.

The first phase of the influenza vaccination campaign will continue until May 10. The vaccination room is located next to the health center and opening hours are from 8 am to noon and 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm. All residents are required to present a vaccination card, SUS card and photo ID. Last Friday (16), vaccination was temporarily suspended, as the first 90 doses received by the municipality expired.

Other steps

Unlike other years, seniors aged 60 or over will be vaccinated in the second phase of the campaign, from May 11 to June 8, along with teachers from public and private schools. This is because at this moment the elderly are still receiving treatment with the Covid-19 dose, without a recommendation from the Ministry of Health for the simultaneous administration of the two vaccines, which requires a period of at least 14 days between the doses used.

In the third phase, from June 9 to July 9, people with comorbidities, permanent disabilities, truck drivers, long-distance public transport workers in urban areas, port workers, security and rescue forces, and the armed forces will be vaccinated. Deprivation of liberty regime employees, residents deprived of liberty, adolescents and youth in social and educational measures.

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