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Putin enacts law to remove Russia from "Open Skies" treaty

Putin enacts law to remove Russia from “Open Skies” treaty

The text is published on the official Russian legislative portal a little more than a week after the first summit between Putin and US President Joe Biden.

The meeting between the two presidents is scheduled for June 16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Former US President Donald Trump accused Moscow of not respecting the treaty to justify abandoning the agreement that allows monitoring flights to military activities of member states.

In late May, Joe Biden endorsed the previous administration’s decision.

Moscow refuses to stay in the treaty because it believes that other signatories, namely European countries and Canada that are part of NATO, will pass on information about Russia to Washington.

The agreement, in force since 2002, allows member states to fly over any part of the territory of other countries that are part of the agreement and photograph the ground (from Vancouver, in the United States, to Vladivostok, in Russia) to ensure that neighbors and adversaries do not prepare for military attacks.

The Open Skies Treaty is one of several disagreements between Russia and the United States over issues related to Russian cyber attacks and human rights issues in Russia.

Last Friday, Putin said he wanted to find a way to improve relations with Joe Biden at the Geneva meeting.

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