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Protesters entered the Sanofit health center in Katowice. The police used force

Physical force was used by police on Wednesday against several people who refused to leave the headquarters of the provincial health and epidemiological center in Katowice. A dozen or more police officers who participated in the demonstration canepitem identified, and many of them are prepared to provide for punishment.

Agnieszka Żyłka, a spokeswoman for the Katowice Police and a young activist, said the organizers had reported five people to the meeting in front of the Katowice WSSE, but a large number of participants turned up. This was contrary to current regulations prohibiting the organization and the participation of meetings of more than five persons.

You entered the health sector. We asked the management of the health and epidemiology center to intervene because these people – even if the call came – did not want to leave the facility, so this is a miracle violation. Some of them left the facility alone, and four did not. According to applicable regulations, the police used physical force against them to force them out of the building. Yłka pointed out.

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All four were given notes on the miracle violation. Fifteen were identified; An application was made to the court under Art., Against six persons. Code 116 of the Minor Crimes Code (RMF FM) regarding compliance with prohibitions, orders, restrictions or obligations under the Prevention and Control of Infections and Infectious Diseases Act – three persons – The police woman was transferred.

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He said that even after this intervention, the police intervened against the unmasked person and refused to provide his data. The man tried to get out; Measures of direct coercion in the form of physical force were used against him – he was taken away in a police car.

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After completing the proceedings related to the crime he committed, an application was made there (for punishment – RMF FM), and he was released. – A spokesman for the Katowice Police pointed out.

Recording this situation, the so-called cyber media decided to challenge the psychological state of the policeman who intervened and informed the police internal affairs office that, in their opinion, he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs because he did not have to behave adequately for the situation. The relevant notice was accepted by PSW Ylka sure.

According to a report on the website, he took part in a protest against the government-imposed restrictions and fines imposed by the Center for Health and Epidemiology in Katowice on Wednesday. The owner of the Phase 2 phase of the Ripnik Club, which decided to open it at the end of January this year, attended. Despite health restrictions.

During the fight at the club, police used hand grenades, clubs and stun grenades. There were also warning shots from soft weapons. Two policemen were injured and two police cars were damaged.

The club’s owner, Marcin K., on Feb. 6, heard allegations that he posed a threat to the lives and health of many by creating an epidemic threat. For this, he is sentenced to 6 months to 8 years in prison.

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The 33-year-old was detained after incidents at the club in the building of the Ripnik Municipal Police Headquarters by officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Katowice. With an activist from the group who focused on the Entrepreneurs ’Strike, he came to the police station – as they reported – to change records documented by police officers during operations at the club.

The issue of alleged abuse of powers by police in the Phase 2 Phase Club was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office in Cissin.

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