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President considers no European country to follow Brexit-Observer path

President considers no European country to follow Brexit-Observer path

The Republican president said on Tuesday that no European country would want to leave the EU. Proxy, States that “Union means strength“And despite the differences, European partners generally agree.”At the last minute“.

I think any country () that observes what happened in the United Kingdom will tell It is better not to experiment, no, we will be inside. The EU is very different, we are different, but we play together, discuss, discuss, we agree at the last minute. Because we know that unity is strength, it makes a difference, ”said Marcelo Rebello de Sousa.

The president spoke at a local high school in Gronz, About 30 kilometers from the Slovenian capital, he taught a class with his Slovenian opponent.“Children and young people see and want the future of Europe in terms of values ​​and practical priorities,” he said.

The question was raised by one student, if he anticipates further departure from EU member state Marcelo Rebello de Sousa,Do not believe“, Same”Analytically“, Another” complex situation “may arise, indicating that” there is nothing like seeing what happened. “

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Marcelo Rebello de Sousa, who described the Slovenian students’ “special relationship” with Portugal to the United Kingdom, is considered by many of his British friends to have arisen that his withdrawal from the EU was “mostly in referendum”. “Negative Alliance”.

In the days following the vote, the president recalled that former British Prime Minister Theresa May had invited him to Downing Street, the seat of the British government in London, where she realized that British partners were unaware.What to do next“.

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“She’s a [Theresa May], They try to explain that they are not ready for it, and then they have to think about it, because they had to turn the negative alliance into a positive one, which is very difficult, ”Marcelo Rebello de Sousa pointed out.

Thus “no one expects” Proxy “Possibility”, Europeans accustomed to consider Republican presidential students “Normal“Live”Democracy, press freedom and political parties“.

“For my generation – I lived in a dictatorship – it was a radical change. People notice that something is important when they lose something: when they lose democracy, when they lose Europe,” Marcelo Rebello de Sousa underlined.

By his side, Borut Bahor “lamented”British colleagues“I decided to leave the EU,” he said, adding that “the EU is different from the United Kingdom without the United Kingdom.”

“I was a member of the Council of Europe for three years [Borut Pahor foi primeiro-ministro esloveno entre 2008 e 2012] I could see how important England was. They had a different mindset because of it: I would say it was the best way to be generous, ”the head of state pointed out.

The European Union reiterates:Lost a lot“In the future, another country wants to” repeat the drama, “” the Slovenian president added.

“What I want to see in Europe is a greater interest in the EU: in a way, it is our country. Because of the EU, we have peace and stability. We do not know what will happen if the EU is destroyed by someone or something. We have to do it, ”he said.

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After class at Grunge High School, Marcelo Rebello de Sousa moved to the city center, where he started the Bank of Peace and Friendship as his last symbolic visit to Slovenia.