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Portugal on the UK Green List?  "Arguments are false"

Portugal on the UK Green List? “Arguments are false”

Oh The Foreign Minister assures that the arguments of the British authorities justifying the removal of Portugal from the Green List of International Travels are “invalid” and that he is “surprised” by this decision.

“Two arguments used by British authorities to justify Portugal’s removal from the Green List are false.”In an interview with Journal Das8da TVI, he outlined that it is not true that the country has doubled the positive ratio to Covit-19, or that there are variations of concern related to Portugal.

Augusto Santos Silva said he had already asked for clarification on Spain’s decision to request a negative test from Covit-19 to cross the land border, and that the decision was “surprising” for the United Kingdom.

“In the case of the British, yes, it was a surprise.”, He said. “During the three weeks that Portugal was on the green list, British officials never saw any concern in them. “

Asked if it would be disgraceful to remove Portugal from the green corridor in the days leading up to the Champions League final between the two English teams, Santos Silva considered it a move. “Very insulting to the British tradition of rational decision making”.

To date, Spain has begun to require a negative test for Covit-19, a vaccine certificate or a certificate of recovery from the disease, in a message that began to be sought from land travelers from Portugal, and the Minister reiterated that he was waiting for clarification. Neighbor.

“We ask the Spanish authorities to clarify the emergency, because I think there is an error here.”, Is considered. “We always manage the common border in an integrated manner. Nothing like that happens here.”

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Santos Silva believes it could have been an ace “Technical error” It is waiting “Spanish authorities will fix it soon, otherwise we will have to take mutual action.”, He added.

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