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Porto pays three penalties and talks about "imperceptible pictures" in the goal that Tony Martinez canceled - FC Porto

Porto pays three penalties and talks about “imperceptible pictures” in the goal that Tony Martinez canceled – FC Porto

The Dragons are back in burden, in Dragões Diário newsletter, about game judging with Moreirense

This Wednesday, FC Porto came back to criticize Hugo Miguel’s ruling in a draw1-1) In Moreira de Konigos, indicating that there were three penalties to be scored, raising doubts about the goal that Tony Martinez had already canceled in the opponents.

“As much as they try to strangle him, the referee of the Hugo Miguel / Antonio Nobre duo in the village of Konegos still stands for history. On another dark night for what remained of the credibility of Portuguese football, FC Porto was badly damaged and I saw three big penalties that were evaded: one. On Pepe in the first half, another – screaming in the sky – on Francisco Conceicao in the second, and finally, one on Luis Diaz, immediately pulled from the area and turned into a free kick, ”read in the Dragões Diário newsletter.

“In addition, the Dragons’ winning goal was nullified by the supposed irregular position of Tony Martinez. The Spaniard’s 10 cm lead was calculated based on imperceptible images, captured by cameras placed at angles that would not allow anything to be clarified. In the stadium where it is not done. Satisfying the minimum conditions for taking such strict and decisive decisions in the result of the tournament, “adds the note.

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