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Porto Alegre city council confirms 30 cases of dengue fever in the capital

Porto Alegre city council confirms 30 cases of dengue fever in the capital

In 2021, Porto Alegre confirmed 30 cases of dengue fever among residents of the capital, including five imported cases (contracted outside the city) and 25 original cases (they were infected in the city).

According to the Porto Alegre City Council, the data was presented in the Dengue Notice for Epidemiological Week 17, issued by the Municipal Health Administration, through the EVDT (Infectious Disease Control Team), which provides cumulative data through May 1.

According to the publication, 69 notifications of suspected illness were submitted throughout the year. In addition to the 30 confirmations, 22 suspects have been ignored and 17 people are still under epidemiological or laboratory investigation.

25 original cases have been recorded, most of them in the neighborhoods of Humaita, Santo Antonio and Lomba do Pinheiro. There is also registration in the Santa Teresa neighborhood.

“Compared to the same period in 2020, there was a decrease in the number of notifications, but the number of original cases in 2021 is higher, which increases the risk of transmission of the virus, if the infection of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is high in the neighborhood in which there are confirmed cases,” the City Council stressed .

EVDT chief nurse Raquel Rosa recalls that in 2020 there were 127 notifications up to Epidemiological Week 17, with 39 confirmed cases, but 7 were indigenous.

“ It is essential that people with symptoms consistent with dengue fever – fever, body pain, headache, behind the eyes, red spots or spots on the body, or nausea – seek medical attention and a referral to a place with confirmation of illness or residence in a neighborhood in which to be registered Cases, “he confirms.

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