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Sistema de mineração de Bitcoins

Police confuse Bitcoin mining with hemp farms

UK police recently searched what they believed to be a cannabis farm. However, the authorities were surprised to discover that it was, after all, a Bitcoin mining system.

This work took place in an industrial building on the outskirts of Birmingham. The authorities also discovered that the system was illegally consuming a large amount of energy.

If you think that you have seen everything in the world of technology, then you have to believe that there are still many surprises in store for humans. The recent situation in the United Kingdom is evidence of this.

Police are looking to seize cannabis, but it was Bitcoin mining

West Midlands Police in the UK were surprised to find her To discover What was thought to be a hemp farm was, after all, a cryptocurrency mining system.

to me CNBCBritish authorities were on their way to inspect a building located in an industrial area, on suspicion that it was a closed system hemp farm. However, instead, West Midlands Police came across a massive facility with over 100 Antminer S9 ASICs to mine Bitcoins.

The cryptocurrency mining system was illegally consuming an enormous amount of energy from an energy source. According to the authorities, the facility was stealing "thousands of pounds" of electricity.

ASIC Antminer S9 is found on bitcoin mining website

Even before this police intervention, the authorities observed several people entering and leaving the building. In addition, ventilation and several long cables were revealed. The drone was also able to detect a large amount of heat leaving the place.

In other words, since indoor hemp plantations used lighting, heating and ventilation systems for the plantation, UK police believed these were 'classic signs' of the illegal operation of these plants.

In reality, however, it was a powerful system with hundreds of bitcoin mining equipment to generate a lot of heat. Thus, because it is illegally stealing power from the electricity grid, the authorities shut down the place.

It is estimated that thousands of Euros of materials were seized, but there were no detainees.

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