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Covid-19: Passageiros que chegam por via aérea recebem folhetos com regras

Passengers arriving by air receive pamphlets containing rules

Passengers arriving in Portugal by air receive leaflets containing information about the rules to follow in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as wearing a mask and the maximum capacity for restaurants and stands.

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior (MAI) informed that the information is provided in both Portuguese and English and that the leaflets also list rules such as prohibiting alcohol consumption in public places, hours of shows, restaurants, and other commercial establishments, as well as the need to frequently wash hands and keep a distance. Material.

In the documents handed over to the passengers, it was also mentioned that specific rules apply in some municipalities, with a weekly update.

According to MAI, “The QR code in the brochures also points to the VisitPortugal website, where the updated rules can be found, in both Portuguese and English”.

Since May 17, passengers arriving from countries that are part of the European Union, countries associated with the Schengen area (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) and the United Kingdom, with the rate of SARS-2 infection less than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, can do all Types of excursions to Portugal, including non-essential excursions.

As a condition, passengers must provide evidence of a negative laboratory test result (Rt-PCR) for SARS-CoV-2, which is performed within 72 hours prior to departure.

Passengers traveling on flights coming from countries with an incidence of 500 cases / 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days can take only basic flights and must, after entering the Portuguese mainland, meet a preventive 14-day isolation period, at home or at a pre-designated location Health authorities.

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This list includes South Africa, Brazil, India, Cyprus, Croatia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

“This measure does not apply to passengers who have stopped at the airport only in one of these countries,” says MAI.

Essential excursions are those aimed at allowing the transit or entry of Portugal for citizens traveling for professional reasons, for study, family reunification, or for health or humanitarian reasons.