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Parc Clematis: A true masterpiece condo

Due to Singaporeans’ desire for quality and luxurious housing, the property market has experienced drastic growth in Singapore. Park Clematis is located near Sungei Pandan on the West Coast. A private landed enclave location will make the condo stand out in the real estate market due to its calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Originally called Park West, Parc Clematis will now be known as Parc Clematis amidst its popularity in the western part of Singapore. Neither of these is in the current SingHaiyi portfolio, which is dominated by a single product.
There is no high risk of transmission of COVID to those who take part in economic activities that were previously closed. Businesses on the Island have resumed operations, and schools have reopened.
Our government has resorted to drafting four Budgets in response to this COVID-19 pandemic consisting of wage subsidies, tax rebates, and rent relief for employees and businesses at this vulnerable time. Nearly S$100 billion is allocated to each of these budgets.
Singapore’s economy is still forecast to shrink in the 4% to 7% range this year, with the worst recession ever.
In Parc Clematis, the average price is currently $16XX per square foot similar to the Parc Clematis Price List.
So, What are the benefits of investing in Parc Clematis?
Park Clematis has 3 things for you to remember:

#1: There are private properties in abundance in this part of the country.
Clementi / West Coast is home to a great many private properties. Building a residence in one of the existing launched projects like Twin Vue, Parc Riviera, Parc Clematis, and Whistler Grand.
Guys, there is also a huge discount going in Parc Clematis, so must enroll in Parc Clematis Discount now.
You may have to wait longer to find tenants if you would like to lease your apartment in the above-mentioned area since the area is awash in residential developments.

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#2 There are 1468 units in the Parc Clematis development.
A big-sized development like Parc Clematis will usually attract more awareness in the market.
Most facilities will cater to residents’ needs as well. Because they’ll be able to sell more units per month than a smaller development in the future.
Consider for a moment that there has never been a sales transaction or the sales volume has been very small. In most cases, you will receive an indication of the price that’s conservative. Consequently, you may be forced to make less profit, break-even, or make a loss.
Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that there are no fixed numbers regarding a “safe” development size. A small market will result in a very small volume of sales.
In addition, you might need to wait longer to reach an agreement with the buyer.

#3 For families with young children, this is an attractive collection.
The school is Nan Hua Primary, and it is less than 1 kilometer from Parc Clematis.
A number of schools are located nearby, including:
• Pei Tong Primary School
• Clementi Primary School
• Qifa Primary School
• NUS High School
When looking for a school near where your children live, consider Parc Clematis.
It is also located near schools such as:
• Singapore Polytechnic
• Ngee Ann Polytechnic