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Paranagua port receives smoke to combat dengue fever on Saturday (29)

Paranagua port receives smoke to combat dengue fever on Saturday (29)

The port of Paranagua will be received on Saturday (29) The first stage of smoking is against dengue feverFrom seven in the morning. Earlier this week, technicians and staff from the State Health Secretariat and the Municipal Secretariat of Health and Prevention in the municipality, went to the site to perform the assembly steps and pre-analysis of the berth area, to define methodologies and application techniques. With With the aim of controlling the spread of dengue mosquitoes.

The first stage of the operation is scheduled for the entire primary group, including the Paranagua Container Terminal (TCP). The second stage, which completes the cycle of control of Aedes aegypti mosquito, will be between 3 and 5 days after the first.

Portos do Paraná’s Environmental Monitoring and Monitoring Coordinator, Rafael Salis Cabrera, said that the Port Workers Union (Sintraport) has sent an email and protocol requesting the application or with new measures that could help combat dengue fever.

Work will be completed with Smoked car and coastal pump. Two people work in each smoked car while the other vehicles accommodate up to four professionals with the coastal pump to hard-to-reach places. The expectation is to work with 15 people to speed up the application. The work will continue tow days.

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