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Only 12.4% of the target audience for the influenza vaccination campaign in Joao Pessoa were vaccinated

Only 12.4% of the target audience has been immunized since the start of the vaccination campaign

(Photo: Kleide Teixeira / Secom-JP)

The municipality of João Pessoa warns of the fact that residents ’demand for a flu vaccine remains low – only 12.4% of the target audience has been immunized since the vaccination campaign began, and the target to be achieved is 90%. The data is from the Influenza Panel, from the Ministry of Health, which indicates a total of 38,318 doses have already been applied for a general forecast of 307,842.

The campaign started last month and has so far reached, in percentages, the following categories: children from six months to less than six years of age (34.5%), pregnant women (34.09%), women after childbirth (24.03%), and health workers (3.6). %), The elderly over 60 years old (4.08%) and the teachers (3.05%).

The flu vaccination this year coincides with the vaccination against Covid-19, and this could be a factor in the decrease in demand. The Flu Vaccine Technical Note states that it is important to prioritize Covid-19 vaccine for people included in the influenza priority group who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19.

In these cases, the flu shot should be scheduled, taking into account the minimum interval of 14 days between vaccinations. The head of the vaccination department in the municipality of João Pessoa, Fernando Virgolino, stressed the importance of people in the priority group of vaccines, who are on time, looking for some vaccination centers to receive immunization.

He further explained that there will be no expansion of new vaccine combinations until June, when this is specified in the National Immunization Plan (PNI).

The influenza vaccine is available Monday through Friday in the Integrated Family Health Units, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Municipal clinics, from 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening; The municipal immunization center is from 8 am to 4 pm.

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The vaccine protects against three types of viruses most prevalent in the southern hemisphere: influenza A (H1N1), influenza B and influenza A (H3N2).

Vaccination sites

  • Mandkaro Municipal Dispensary
    Av. Mascarenhas de Morais, 248 – Mandacaru
  • Municipal beaches complex
    Av. Olinda, s / n – Tambaú
  • Mangabira Municipal Polyclinic
    R. Romário, C. de Moraes, sn – Mangabeira
  • Christo Municipal Polyclinic
    R. Olívia de Almeida Guerra, s / n – Cristo Redentor
  • Municipal Immunization Center (CMI)
    to. Roy Barbosa – Tori

    Healthy Zone I.

  • USF Neighborhood Industries I and II
    R. Manoel de Paula Magalhães, S / N
  • USF Bairro das Indústrias IV / Anayde Beiriz
    R. da Ação, Qd. 187 (Condomínio Anayde Beiriz) – District of Industries
  • USF Neighboring Industries IV / Pe Ibiapina
    Rua Santa Maria, S / N – Bairro das Indústrias
  • USF Costa e Silva Integrated (Costa e Silva I, II and Gauchinha)
    R. Graciliano Delgado – 557 – Bairro Costa e Silva
  • U.S. Defense Forces Integrated Arms Cross (1st, 2nd, 8th, and 10th cross arms)
    to. Cruz das Armas, S / N
  • USF Cross of Arms II (Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, and Eleventh Crossing Arms)
    R. Tomás Gomes da Silva, SN
  • Integrated USF Staff I (First Personnel – Phase One, First Personnel
  • Second Stage – Personnel 2 / Juiba)
    Rua Ambrósio Vitorino Pontes, S / N
  • USF Integrada Verde Vida (Bairro das Indústrias III / Cidade Verde I, Bairro das Indústrias III / Cidade Verde II, Bairro das Indústrias III / Cidade Verde III)
    R. City of Belem, S / N
  • USF Jardim Planalto I and II
    R. Architect of Avidus, 805
  • USF Jardim Saúde (Jardim Veneza I, II, III, and IV)
    R. Poeta Victor Hugo, S / N
  • USF Nova Conquista (Alto do Mateus II, III, IV and V)
    R. Durval Coutinho, S / N
  • USF Health and Life (Ernani Sátiro, Esplanada II, João Paulo II – 2nd Stage and Jardim Sepol)
    R. Dr. Morílio de Almeida, S / N
  • USF Health for All (Novais II, III, IV and V)
    R. Marta da Luz, 37
  • USF Vieira Diniz (Jardim Veneza V, VI and VII)
    R. Maria José Miranda do Amaral, S / N

    The second healthy neighborhood

  • USF Colinas do Sul II (Irmã Dulce, Portal Colinas, Colinas do Sul, 410 homes)
    R. Retired Clotilds Maria da Conceicao, S / N
  • USF Koya I and II
    R. Adalgisa Carneiro Cavalcante, S / N – QD 39
  • USF Espaço Saúde (Novo Horizonte, Vale Verde, Cristo Conjunto, and Rangel II)
    R. Horácio Trajano de Oliveira, s / n
  • USF Estação Saúde (1st, 2nd, 4th, expansion)
    R. José Darci Ferreira, S / N
  • USF III / IV Staff and President Médici
    R. Terezinha de Oliveira Justa, S / N
  • USF Grotão (Grotão I, II and III Vista Alegre)
    R. Severino Bento de Morais, 13
  • USF Integrating Lives (João Paulo II, Citex, New Republic and Staff II Phase I)
    R. Adailson da Silva Nunes, S / N
  • USF Life Change (Life Change I, II, III, and IV)
    R. Joaquim Monteiro da França, S / N
  • USF Quality of Life (Rangel III, IV, V and VI)
    R. Boom Jesus, 583
  • USF Health in Action (Geisel III)
    R. Olívio de Moraes Magalhães, S / N
  • USF joins the Lives (Bela Vista I, Bela Vista II, Bom Samaritano and Vale das Palmeiras)
    Traverse. Morello-Buarque, S / N
  • USF Vila Saúde (Pedra Branca I and II and Jardim Itabiana I and II)
    Architect Sergio Rubens de Albuquerque Lima, 326

    Third healthy neighborhood

  • USF Caminho do Sol (Frei Damião, Santa Bárbara and Valentina IV)
    R. Coronel Francisco Monteiro Segundo, S / N
  • USF Cidade Verde (Green City Project IV, V, VI and Mariz)
    R. Leopoldo Pereira de Lima, S / N
  • USF Complexo Verdes Mares (Green City)
    1st, 2nd, 3rd and ASPOM)
    R. José Eustaquio da Fonseca, S / N
  • Integrated USF José Américo (José Américo II and III and Laranjeiras)
    R. Oselmar de Castro Barreto, S / N
  • FHU Rosa de Fátima (Mussumago I and II, Paratibe I and Sonho Meu)
    R. Oselmar de Castro Barreto, S / N
  • USF Ipiranga (Monte das Oliveiras, Girassol, Boa Esperança, and Cidade Maravilhosa)
    R. São Luiz, S / N
  • USF Mangabeira (Coqueiral, Balcão, Feirinha, and Pedro Lins)
    R. Milton Santa Cruz, S / N
  • – USF Nova Aliança (Cristo Rei, Mangabeira VI 1st Stage, Prosind II)
    R. Nelly Pessoa Lima, S / N
  • USF Nova Esperança (street vendors, Colégio Invadado, Tijolão and Nova Esperança)
    R. Arlindo Bezerra Camboin, S / N
  • USF Nova União (Prosind I, Mangabeira IV Insider, Panoramic and União)
    R. Soptin. Joachim do Nascimento, S / N
  • USF Quatro Estações (Mangabeira VII A, Mangabeira VII B, Mangabeira VII C, Mangabeira VI Stage II)
    R. Jurema Teotônio da Silva, S / N
  • USF Valentina Integrada (Valentina I, II, and III)
    R. Mariângela Lucena Peixoto, S / N

    Healthy Zone IV

  • USF Alto do Céu (Alto do Céu III, IV, V and VI)
    R. João de Brito Lima Moura, s / n
  • USF Bairro dos Ipes
    R. Geraldo Fagundes de Araújo, S / N
  • USF Mechanical Region I and II
    R. Ercílio Marcelo Nery (Rua Projetada, Qd “S”), S / N
  • USF Ilha do Bispo I and II
    R. Apolônio Sales de Miranda, S / N
  • USF Matenia II and Paulo Afonso
    R. Frey Afonso, 91
  • USF Roger I and II
    March 19, 598
  • USF Faraduro I and II
    Rua Sao Mamede, 36
  • USF Viver Bem (Father Zee 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th)
    R. Maria Dias de Oliveira, S / N

    Fifth healthy neighborhood

  • USF Banking and SOS Village
    R. Esmeraldo Gomes Vieira, S / N
  • USF Altiplano I e II
    R. Emílio de Araújo Chaves, 118 A.
  • USF PESA I and II
    R. Napoleão Gomes Varela, S / N
  • USF Integrated City Recreio (City Recreio and Quadramares)
    Av. Gov. Antônio da Silva Mariz, S / N (R. Antônio Dutra Sobrinho)
  • USF Santa Clara (Santa Clara & Castillo Branco III)
    R. Nevinha Raposo (R. Adolfo Maia), 53
  • USF São José (São José I, II, III, IV and V)
    Av. Vigolvino Florentino da Costa, S / N
  • USF Tito Silva – Jardim Miramar II
    R. Olívio Travassos de Medeiros, 590
  • USF Towers II and III
    to. Roy Barbosa, 367.