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Clubhouse dados utilizadores serviço informação

Now is the club! Data of 1.3 million users on the Internet

The social network at the moment is Clubhouse, beating all the other proposals. This focus leads many to search for data from users, and then use it illegally and without their consent.

The information revealed now reveals that this time it was the club that had been hacked. In all, there is 1.3 million user data that has appeared online and is accessible to anyone who wants to explore.

Clubhouse's data comes from the internet

It is normal for hackers to focus on the systems, services, or sites with the greatest visibility on the Internet. These tend to have the largest number of users and thus are more interesting due to the data that can be stolen in case of failure.

It was precisely one of those cases that is now happening. A database containing information about 1.3 million users of the club is available on the Internet. This data is not sensitive, but it is highly personal and should not be public.

Club data user service information

User information is accessible to everyone

From what you can see, there is no current data associated with credit cards, email addresses, or addresses. However, it is information that users certainly do not want to make public.

The data collected in the club

  • User ID
  • Noun
  • Image URL
  • Username
  • Conta de Twitter
  • Instagram account
  • The number of followers
  • The number of people the user follows
  • The date the account was created
  • The user who called to the Clubhouse

However, with this information, hackers can learn more about the users. With all the information obtained, it is then possible to carry out phishing attacks. The worst thing is that the data is public and available to anyone.

The service has already responded to this data leak

However, the club has already responded to this information and denied that its service was at risk. As they revealed, the data collected appears to be public and can be accessed through the application or service API.

There have always been security concerns about how and where Clubhouse user data is stored. However, this service maintains its membership levels. Although it is limited to iOS and only by invitation, it has received more and more users.

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