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Switch 10.0.1 10.0.2

Nintendo makes firmware 12.0.2 available for the Switch

After its release in April 12.0.0, a Nintendo Yesterday released the version 12.0.2 From the system to Nintendo Switch. As you may have noticed from the version number, no new changes or features are expected.

a Change The official report, provided by the company, talks about stability improvements:

Version 12.0.2 (Released May 11, 2021)

General system stability improvements to improve user experience.

The Nintendo Switch arrives at version 12.0.2

As almost always, no user interaction should be required to install this new version, as the console should be able to download and install the latest system update automatically while online. However, to check if it’s already installed, you can go to the settings menu to confirm.

although Change An official does not disclose any novelty, a Computer mines It revealed on Twitter, that this new firmware release has some changes to the central components of the system, a new Bluetooth driver and a new application manager.

If you installed this new version in the meantime and see any changes, be sure to let us know so we can update this article.

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