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New suitor arrives at farmers' SIC farm and leaves competitors worried - TV

New suitor arrives at farmers’ SIC farm and leaves competitors worried – TV

Marta David, one of the suitors chosen by Thiago Bello, Dropped out of Who Wants to Dating a Farmer Due to Health Issues He never entered the Castelo Branco farm in the Valle de Posadas farm. On this Sunday, June 6 broadcast, here’s a new guest arriving at the estate.

Thiago welcomed Lucia Campos into his home and the atmosphere between the two seems to have started in the best way. “At the party, I got a flick on Thiago and now I’m back at him again. I was waiting to be chosen by him, but now I’m going to fight to the end for Thiago”, Lucia said about the first broadcast of the program presented by Andrea Rodriguez.

But now, the 30-year-old suitor has the opportunity to be able to live with the meat producer and share the same home with the one who might become her love. “It could be another chance to find my love,” Tiago said.

The other three suitors, worried about the arrival of a new competitor, sat in the garden while the farmer from Vale de Pousadas greeted Lucia. “I already told you he abandoned us,” Anna threw into conversation about Lucia’s arrival. “Now they’re still showing up here arm in arm,” Yvette added.

Lúcia from Rio de Moinhos is a cashier. He considers himself a humble, hardworking and demanding person. Find a partner with whom you can develop some complicity. Moreover, she loves hardworking, romantic and cheerful men. Your favorite movie is “Titanic”According to the information available on the website of SIC.

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Four suitors are now being hosted at Thiago Bello’s farm: Ana Pereira, 24, Joanna Soares, 31, Yvette Dias, 33, and newcomer Lucia Campos.

a look Here Thursday’s arrival video of Lucia.