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New restrictions from Saturday. There will be massive restrictions

There will be another big round of tests to comply with corona virus controls. From midnight, new restrictions will take effect – most shops in schools, hotels, cinemas, theaters, sports and shopping malls will be closed.

According to Krzysztof Berenda, Services are to conduct intensive checks from Monday. First, they will test whether the new rules are respected.

As the ministers say, the era of happiness is over. Although many people do not like it, it is The police should work with Sonebit to try to avoid government restrictions.

These services are to monitor whether hotels do not accept guests against this order, whether the shops in the shopping malls that are to be closed are closed, and whether there are swimming pools, cinemas and theaters.

Until now, in most cases violating the restrictions ended with instructions. Now, fines are often imposed – Even at the PLN 30,000 level.

As we get closer to the record number of total epidemics, several hundred people die every day. The third wave of corona virus infections is accelerating, and punishing entrepreneurs who violate the regulations is one of the ways the government is fighting the spread of the virus.

The government decided Regarding the extension of strict restrictions to the whole country from tomorrow, They have been in practice for some time in four voyageships: in Warmia and Missouri at the end of February, in Pomerania from last Saturday and in Mazovia and Lubuski from Monday.

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That is what it means The whole of Poland will be closed for three weeks at midnight: Shopping malls (except some types of shops) and hotels, cinemas, theaters, museums and other entertainment facilities, swimming pools, sports fields and other sports facilities, sanas and solariums and 1-3 students in elementary school grades will return to distance education.