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Nevada.  Death sentence demanding execution by firing squad

Nevada. Death sentence demanding execution by firing squad

UThe murderer sentenced to death, who was trying to delay the date of execution, set in June of this year, wants the US state of Nevada to consider using the death squad, as an option for lethal injection, which is the method of regular execution in the United States states.

In some US states the use of firing squads is permitted, as well as electrocution or inhaling nitrogen gas, although not used – it depends on the prisoner’s request and the authorization of the state in question.

Zane Michael Floyd’s attorneys indicate, however, that his client does not want to die and that they only intend to challenge the state prisoner execution (lethal injection) protocol, which means providing an alternative.

However, “This is not a delaying tactic,” said Brad Levinson, the public defender in charge of Floyd. The lawyer justified that “execution by firing squad … causes death faster and less painful than a lethal injection.” Citing the American press.

It should be noted that this type of procedure has already allowed for the date of execution of another prisoner who was sentenced to death (who has spent his life in prison since then) twice.

It should be noted that the state of Nevada has already permitted death squads as a method of executing detainees, but the use of lethal injection of the death penalty is currently mandatory.

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