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Nestlé admits that most of its products are unhealthy - health

Nestlé admits that most of its products are unhealthy – health

An internal Nestlé document that the Financial Times had access to shows that around 70% of that brand’s nutritional products are not considered healthy.

At stake is Nestlé’s portfolio that excludes products developed by the “health sciences” division, such as baby food and animal food. According to the Australian system that ranks healthy foods, by stars, 63% of Nestlé products are rated less than 3.5 stars – which is considered healthy.

Excluding products developed by these two departments, 70% of the portfolio in question covers about half of the $ 73 billion in revenue the group has generated.

According to the presentation, it is in the unhealthy part 96% of drinks (excluding pure coffee) and 99% of ice cream and desserts are in the group. The healthiest sectors are water (82% healthy) and dairy (60%).

“We have made significant improvements to our products but our portfolio is still falling short in the face of external health tariffs in a landscape where regulatory pressure and consumer demands are clearly increasing,” you can read in the presentation.

The company is currently making changes to internal nutritional standards in its products in light of the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation introduced by its recent CEO, Peter Brabeck-Letmath, which described Nestlé as a “nutrition, health and wellness” company.

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