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Neil Druckman says history is set

Neil Druckman says history is set

The storyline of The Last of Us: Part 3 is ready, but the sequel is not in Naughty Dog’s plans yet. Neil Druckman, the franchise’s creative director, said he expects the game “one day, you see the light of day.”

In conversation with podcast Scenario regardlessDruckmann briefly mentioned the possibility of The Last of Us 3: “I don’t know how much I want to reveal … [Halley Gross, co-roteirista] And I wrote a plot diagram, which we didn’t – but I hope one day see the light of day – exploring a little bit of what happens after the second match. we will see”.

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Druckmann also said that there was “a lot” of internal debate about Part 3, but stressed the amount of work involved in making a game like this: “Games like this take a long time. I thought of 2 for seven years, between launching the first and launching the second. […] You have to make sure that you are excited about the idea you have and that it sounds difficult. “

“Now, we have two games that talk about something universal and tell a very personal story of these characters. In one game, you can’t get a pattern of what the franchise is. With two games, a pattern is now starting to emerge – I feel like there are structural and thematic themes that we’ll need to follow if we do a game.” Third “

Naughty Dog appears to be exploring what to do next. “After completing one of our great titles, it takes some time to explore different ideas, even if The Last of Us 3, something new, some old perks that we want to have again. I’d like to explore all of this and think: Well, we have all of these. The ideas are in front of us As a studio, what do we want to commit to? It’s a huge commitment – financial, time, passion, talent.You think about all the cost opportunities that come with it – it is.

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Recent rumors indicated that Naughty Dog is working on (or at least has been) working on the Last of Us multiplayer game, a new Uncharted project and a remake of the original Last of Us game.

Translated by Victor Aliaga

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