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Negotiators want to wear a mask now to protect themselves from vaccines

Negotiators want to wear a mask now to protect themselves from vaccines

aAmerican virus deniers, who have so far refused to wear a mask, are now obligated to wear face shield on the street and stay away from them, but not because of Covid-19: because of people who have already been vaccinated, believing this expels potentially harmful “proteins”.

According to a report by a deputy, It’s a movement that has erupted in the United States and includes many explanations and side effects (it can cause irregular periods, infertility, and miscarriages), but it agrees on one aspect: Vaccinated people may not be safe for those who haven’t had a vaccination.

The most prominent figures among anti-vaccination and masks are instructing their followers that the best way to protect themselves is to choose social distancing and use a mask – two preventive measures that have so far been rejected (or because they are ineffective) or Because the virus does not exist).

This theory, without any scientific or rationale, is just one component of the broader conspiracy theory, which states that Covid-19 is a scam to evacuate the world and that a vaccine is the ultimate poison.

As Deputy writes, these theories are born out of ignorance to do vaccines, which, for example, do not. People start to kick out Medicine Living with vaccinated people does not cause changes in the menstrual cycle.

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