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More than 23,000 Covid risk grants have been received.  The government recognizes the delays

More than 23,000 Covid risk grants have been received. The government recognizes the delays

More than 23,400 health professionals who are at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic have already received the extraordinary risk support of January and February. The data has been provided to Dinheiro Vivo by the Ministry of Health, which, however, acknowledges delays in processing this support.

An official source in The Feared said: “To date, the exceptional risk allowance, as a result of the works carried out in January and February, has been paid to 23,455 workers, at a global cost of 6.5 million euros.” Marta. However, there are still professionals waiting for the support planned in the state budget for 2021 (OE2021).

The Extraordinary Hazard Allowance has been established in the scope of OE2021 and applies during the period of pandemic, emergency, disaster (which we are currently in) and emergency. This applies to all health professionals involved in emergency medical response and patient transportation, who perform “direct work mostly related to suspected persons and patients with Covid-19 disease, permanently, and in designated services or areas,” as the Ministry of Health explains.

The value of risk support is 20% of the base wage and cannot exceed € 219.40, i.e. half of the 2021 fixed social support index, at € 438.81. In cases where professionals have been on the front lines for less than a month, the amount is calculated proportionally. Calculated monthly and paid every two months.

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Delay in multiple units

Although more than 24,000 health professionals have already been treated, the ministry under Marta Temedo is aware of the delay. “Some entities have yet to process the relevant risk support, for reasons related, in particular, to measuring the number of days that the workers concerned perform jobs in the related services or membership units to obtain this right,” he explains in the explanation sent to DV.