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Windows 10 Microsoft Gestor Tarefas processos

Microsoft is working to improve Windows 10 task management

Microsoft is revamping many of its apps, giving them new Windows 10 features, and improving those that are currently available. This is evident in both of the two new updates that the company releases each year.

With the upcoming update, it is time for big changes to come. The most recent ones can be seen and even tested. It accesses the task manager and allows you to earn resources by having a new Eco Mode to be implemented in Windows 10.

Task management improvements

There has been a lot the changes Microsoft has provided the task manager in Windows 10. In addition to the new image, there is the compact mode, which summarizes information to the basics, while showing what users really interest.

Next we see information on the GPUs and their temperatures, along with other news. Now, in tests on the Insider program, there is another novelty. Microsoft calls it economy mode and it allows you to limit the resources any process consumes.

Windows 10 Microsoft Task Manager processes

What's new in Windows 10

This novelty has arrived in the last construction and can actually be used. It does not have high visibility, but it has a very interesting benefit. It allows users to control and limit the resources associated with an application or process.

This way, whenever the user needs it, he can restrict any application that is more aggressive and consumes a lot of resources. Just choose the operation and call up the context menu. Here, this new option is ready for use.

Windows 10 Microsoft Task Manager processes

Microsoft grants access to processes

In addition to this new feature, there is another feature in Task Manager, now for Edge. The operations of this browser will start to be organized by types, so that the user understands what is consuming resources and how this is being achieved.

This news will arrive very soon, in the Sun Valley update for Windows 10. Consequently, Microsoft is finalizing the news it will present and equips it so that it is perfect and hassle-free for users.

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