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Microsoft is betting on AI with a multi-million dollar purchase

Microsoft is betting on AI with a multi-million dollar purchase

Microsoft has officially confirmed its latest multi-million dollar investment, by purchasing AI company Nuance for 16.5 billion euros. This purchase will further cement the presence of the Redmond giant in the healthcare market, as Nuance sells many of its products.

Nuance has become a widely known name in the sector due to its Dragon program. This program uses Deep learning Real-time recognition and translation of conversations, and improve your effectiveness over time. Among the many apps that have licensed Nuance is Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is determined to bet hard on the AI ​​market, as this is its second largest investment ever. So far, only LinkedIn purchase has included a larger sum of over € 21 billion.

Microsoft can incorporate Nuance technology into several products

Especially at a time when social separation continues to be taken very seriously and millions of people continue to work remotely, the importance of translating conversations in real time is becoming increasingly important. Whether in business meetings, medical appointments, or other similar situations, having software available to translate conversations in real time effectively is an important “weapon”.

Given that a large portion of Microsoft’s revenue is generated through the sale of software to businesses and services in the cloud, Nuance’s product integration will greatly improve its offering.

In the case of real-time translation, it can be applied directly to Teams Communications, as well as a tool independent of the Azure Package.

However, everything indicates that the focus for now will be on the healthcare sector, where Nuance is already having a major impact. According to the latest information, it is already used by more than half a million doctors around the world.

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