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Microsoft Edge makes peace with YouTube!

Microsoft Edge makes peace with YouTube!

Microsoft fixed an error that caused Microsoft Edge to stop working when we were watching movies on YouTube or reading reviews. It’s an issue that has become very annoying and has been talked about a lot at the start of this month. When we saw a video from YouTube in full screen mode, Edge stopped responding in some cases and ended up dropping.

Microsoft Edge makes peace with YouTube!

However, whoever has this problem has realized that Edge processes are starting to take up many gigabytes of memory. This made things fail.

At the time, Microsoft recognized the problem in several Reddit discussions and asked people to try Microsoft Edge Canary and try to see if the issue was resolved or not.

Now BleepingComputer has run several tests and realizes that YouTube has stopped blocking. However, other users continue to encounter issues.

It’s not known for sure what caused this problem, but Microsoft knows it’s related to the videos. In any case, he must have figured out the solution. This is because Microsoft Edge released version 90.0.818.62 for the stable channel and resolved the YouTube issue.

Hence, we can now browse the videos, or read the comments without using the app below.

This adds to the many new features that come with the latest version of Edge.

With version 92, the Microsoft Office is better than ever in Edge. A new feature called Office Viewer or Office Viewer, in English, lets you open Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in the browser with a simple click. This feature is in an early stage of development and is compatible with Windows and Mac versions of Edge.

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Microsoft Edge YouTube

To activate and use this function, you must first go to Edge settings. Then go to Downloads and activate the option that allows you to view Office files with Office Viewer. Once activated, you no longer need to download files to understand what’s inside.

Microsoft Edge YouTube

So in addition to eliminating the need for downloading, Viewer uses Office Online and protects it from malware that is provided by Office files.

Integration with Windows Search

The second feature is integration with Windows Search. However, this still appears to not be working. The idea is that Windows itself, when doing a search, will also be able to see what’s inside the edge, at the level of history and everything.

Microsoft Edge YouTube

However, this new functionality Available On the edge and Activation You have to go to Settings> Personal files.