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Edge browser crianças Internet novos

Microsoft Edge has a specially designed way for kids to use the Internet

More than just a copy of Chrome, Edge has managed to grow and gain new features that make it unique. Thanks to an already well-known base, Microsoft has been able to develop its functions and features.

Being a browser, you must be prepared for all users, whether they are of any age. Microsoft has now taken an important step and created a customized way for children to use the Internet.

With Edge 90, Microsoft has decided to invest in new areas and new users. If you already allowed creating multiple profiles for different users who use the computer, you now have a new feature that covers more users.

We're talking about the new Kids Online Custom Mode, which completely changes the edge. This covers many areas, from personalization, adapting it to younger people, to filtering out content and sites that are less valid for this profile.

The new children's browser Internet Edge

First of all, this Edge Mode has all the colors best suited to kids. There are personalities to get acquainted with and that makes it easy to use this Microsoft browser. Of course, it can be completely customized.

On the other hand, to protect these smaller users, there is more filtering. Microsoft only allows access to a limited set of sites, but parents have the ability to add new sites and new Internet services.

Curiosity in this new way is the control it gives. All Windows and macOS shortcuts are disabled and prevent children from leaving kids' mode. Also, to exit and close the browser, it will be necessary to enter the user's password.

This is an almost perfect solution for parents who lend their computers to their children without problems. It's also an example of a feature Google should copy from Edge and bring to Chrome.

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