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Mess on the road.  Who would have thought vertigo in Kentucky was a good idea?  - Foreman

Mess on the road. Who would have thought vertigo in Kentucky was a good idea? – Foreman

Chaos followed in Rowan County, Kentucky, due to a new roundabout built at the intersection of two roads: Route 60, which connects the two coasts of the United States, and Route 801, State Road. Hoping to control the traffic of 4000 cars passing through this intersection every day, causing many serious accidents, the government decided to create a roundabout. But the adjustment was worse than the Sonnet.

On American roads, roundabouts are a rarity, so not many drivers know how to handle them. Some entered the roundabout on the left, ended up driving in the opposite direction, traffic congested, some were startled by the new construction and without knowing how to drive, the trailers (the city is close to the lake and many residents have boats exploring the area) and trucks added to the complex task of creating Vertigo in America.

Now, since the roundabout was built, residents have been upset that a roundabout has appeared in the middle of that intersection, describing the scheme as a loss of money. But construction continued anyway because an engineering study showed this would be the most viable and safest alternative to boosting lower speeds and reducing road junctions.

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The result is what can be seen in the video posted by the user “Recomemedur” on YouTube and spread widely: it was posted on April 25, and was viewed nearly 450,000 times as of 10 am this Thursday. However, the images were slightly shared by all social networks, including on the Reddit page called “r / IdiotsInCars” or, in Portuguese, “Idiots in Cars”. Hoping that there will be fewer “idiots in cars,” the authorities have released a video explaining how a roundabout works. It can also be useful here.

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