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Members of the royal family who do not go to Prince Philip's funeral

Members of the royal family who do not go to Prince Philip’s funeral

RThis Saturday, the seventeenth, eight days after his death, the funeral of Prince Philip will take place. The final farewell will take place at a private ceremony at Windsor Castle, where the Duke of Edinburgh “peacefully” lost his life at the age of 99.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband wanted to hold the ceremony in private, as it would be restricted to family and close friends. In addition to his will, the UK has faced drastic measures to combat Covid-19, which will also stage funeral ceremonies.

In this sense, the British Journal notes HelloThere are many royals who will not be present at the last farewell of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Megan Markle This was the first confirmed absence. Prince Harry’s wife did not accompany him on the flight from the US to England on medical advice, as he was already in an advanced stage of his second pregnancy.

very Sarah Ferguson, Ex-wife of Prince Andre, will be “excluded” from fans. Although she still lives in the Royal Lodge with her ex and maintains a good relationship with the royal family, Prince Philip’s ex-stepmother will not be with André at this difficult time.

The same is true with Autumn Phillips, Ex-wife of Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anna. Queen Elizabeth II has known a close relationship with Autumn, but this will be one of the absences noted at the funeral.

Despite the strong association with royalty, the Princes Michael of KentQueen Isabelle II’s cousins ​​will not be present at the funeral.

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