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Marco Costa comments on Vanessa Martins' new dating - news

Marco Costa comments on Vanessa Martins’ new dating – news

Fans asked Marco Costa in a question-and-answer session on Instagram, “Did you really know Vanessa is dating?” It was the first time that the famous pastry chef had encountered the alleged new relationship of the ex-wife.

Marco replied, referring in this way to Vanessa’s supposed relationship with digital influencer Miguel Angelo.

Strangely enough, the masses did not stop there when it came to questions about the separation.

Another netizen asked: “Why hasn’t she deleted the pictures with Vanessa yet, because she has already left for another picture?”

Because deleting photos from my profile does not erase the memories of something that happened in my life. And even though it was over, it was very good. Life does not go out, on the contrary, we are moving forward. Those who are left behind are there. Come to the following pics, ” explained the former competitor of ‘Casa dos Segredos’.

Finally, the followers wanted to know if Marco was still single and soon he said, “Now? I am divorced.”

It is reported that Marco Costa and Vanessa Martins announced the separation just eight months ago.

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