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Linux Interface gráfica Windows 10 Microsoft

Linux graphical interface is sent to Windows 10 WSL

Linux integration with Windows 10 has been interestingly ongoing for those who take advantage of this union. With more and more features, it is now possible to fully and completely use the open source system.

With well-defined plans for its future, Microsoft is now introducing something new. At the Build 2021 conference, it was announced that Linux GUI had already been sent to Windows 10. WSL Very soon, everyone will be able to use this new feature.

Linux graphical interface has arrived

So far, and indeed a unique achievement, Linux has been integrated into Windows 10 with a simple console. With WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), Microsoft integrated the Linux kernel into Windows 10 and gave users full access.

This, in practice, gives everyone access to a (almost) complete new operating system that can be used in an integrated way with Windows 10. File system access is there and now another important and very interesting novelty.

Linux graphical interface Windows 10 Microsoft

Another achievement for Windows 10

distance Be on auditions For a while, this graphical interface finally made it to WSL 2. The great advantage of this improvement is that Linux applications can be used natively in Windows 10, with full and natural integration.

It would be possible to install it directly on the original system and then call it as a simple custom app. It's now integrated into Windows 10 and can be used as if they were created for that system and installed on it.

Linux graphical interface Windows 10 Microsoft

Microsoft has made everything simpler

Anyone who is used to Linux and its graphical interface will instantly feel integrated. Any form Installing apps is simple And quickly, as they do on any other system. From now on, you just have to use any app like any other.

Microsoft will now release this update to users and they will be able to fully exploit it. This is another important step, and one of the biggest, in the long-awaited and welcome integration between Linux and Windows 10.

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