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LinkedIn: Data from 500 million allegedly hacked

Even the dust of stolen Facebook data did not subside yet, when LinkedIn saw that the privacy of its users was being violated. Reportedly, data from 500 million social media accounts has been compromised.

This has actually been a tough week when it comes to user privacy.

A tough week for Facebook and LinkedIn users

A few days ago, the data was from more than 500 million Facebook accounts. Now, it's LinkedIn's turn to see its platform fall victim to a privacy breach.

As I mentioned Internet newsHackers hacked 500 million accounts and collected your data. Reportedly, the information is now being sold on a forum. In order to prove that they actually have account information, hackers have already posted two million profiles.

Accounts are sold, according to the same source, in at least four digits, with Bitcoin being one of the available payment methods.

The compromised public personal files

In defense, LinkedIn released a statement He claimed that he investigated data theft and determined that it was, in fact, "gathering data from a series of websites and companies".

In addition, the social network reports that publicly visible profile data has been stolen and that no data appears to have been stolen from private users. Furthermore, it should be noted that this was not a LinkedIn data breach.

As CyberNews said, on the platform where the data is sold, the information was found to include LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, gender, links to other social media platforms, and professional data.

LinkedIn hasn't yet contacted account holders who may have seen their data compromised, and according to The Verge, it's unclear if they would.

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