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Lewandowski denies the habeas corpus, the Secretary of the Ministry of Health

Lewandowski denies the habeas corpus, the Secretary of the Ministry of Health

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Ricardo Lewandowski denied Issue a subpoena Preventive protocol submitted by the Minister of Labor and Health Education Administration, Mayra Ribeiro, to testify in the Parliamentary Investigation Committee (CPI) on anemia next Wednesday (19).

In the decision, the minister understood that Mayra should provide the clarifications that the senators had requested for a position in the Ministry of Health.

“I conclude, therefore, that attending the summons to testify before the Parliamentary Investigation Committee received, under the conditions stipulated in the Constitution, constitutes an obligation on the patient, especially in her capacity as a public servant, and she must remain at her disposal from among the senators who are part of her.” And, starting from the end of the work, he is not allowed to finish his testimony, unilaterally, before being properly dismissed, “he decided.

Lewandowski also ensured that Mayra Ribeiro could be helped by her lawyer and treated with civilization and respect.

No Issue a subpoenaThe secretary demanded the right not to be charged. Additionally, the attorneys wanted the right to speak about questions of the regime during the hearing.

According to the minister, Mayra Ribeiro is not responding to any lawsuit and the risk of self-incrimination has not been demonstrated.

“There is nothing in the case file that leads to the conclusion that the patient should be granted the right to silence during her testimony, even because this constitutional protection is reserved for those who are being interrogated or accused or accused by some state authorities.”

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