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Laura Figueiredo: "You went for the blood tests and you're going to be in shock!"

Laura Figueiredo: “You went for the blood tests and you’re going to be in shock!”

Laura Figueiredo left a warning message to the followers, so that they do not neglect health, especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this case in Covid-19, we often end up avoiding hospitals and getting tested, but it is important not to stop our routine checks,” he began with a warning Laura Figueiredo, In a video that she shared on Instagram.

Then Mikael Carrera’s partner revealed that she went for routine tests and found cholesterol levels “too high”.

“I went for my blood tests and now she’s going to be in shock!” Oh, you are skinny, you exercise, of course you have no cholesterol. “Wrong! There’s nothing in there, but it’s too high, because I love training and I love to eat. I like pizza, potato chips, fried snacks, cheese, ham and all that,” the previous presenter explained.

“Now, I have to be careful with my diet, but above all, I remind you not to stop caring for your health, and don’t forget to set your appointments, and your tests. They are not advertisements, they are only a warning, because if we are healthy then everything is fine! “

Remember that Laura Figueiredo Mikael Carrera has a common daughter: Beatrice, three years old.

Watch the video shared by Laura Figueiredo.

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