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Lady Gaga reveals that she was raped by the producer and got pregnant - Showbiz

Lady Gaga reveals that she was raped by the producer and got pregnant – Showbiz

The New York artist had already revealed that she was raped by a producer when she was starting out in the music business, an event that led to PTSD, which she says is still experiencing their effects even today, despite being able to control them.

“I was 19 years old. I was starting to work and one of the producers said, ‘Take off your clothes,’” said the singer in the documentary series “The Me You Don’t See,” co-produced by popular TV presenter Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry for Apple TV +.

He continued, “I said no and left.” “They told me they would burn all my music. They kept insisting. So I disconnected the plug and … I don’t remember,” he said, crying.

The 35-year-old singer explains once again that she does not want to reveal the identity of her attacker because “she does not want her to have any relationship with this person again.”

Lady Gaga claims that the producer raped and kidnapped her “for months” before leaving her at an intersection near her parents’ house, while she was pregnant, without specifying what happened to the pregnancy.

Stephanie Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s real name, explains that “years later,” she had an anxiety attack that took her to the hospital, where she realized she had experienced PTSD linked to the attack.

These disorders include self-mutilation, he said, saying it took two and a half years for treatment to bring these impulses under control. “I have learned all the ways to get out” from the crisis, he said.

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