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Juventus – Porto. The Italians left. What’s next for Ronaldo and Birlow? UEFA Champions League

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Juventus lost 1: 2 after the first clash. But he had a man in his midst – at first glance – impossible. Cristiano Ronaldo has proven many times over that he can change the fate of the most important matches. With the current team, he has done this before. In March 2019, Atletico defeated Zoo 2-0 in the first leg of the LM 1/16 final. In return the Portuguese performed miracles. He scored a hat-trick and sent his team off.

There are no such big events at this time. The 36-year-old Portuguese was initially invisible. He was a little tired, as were his teammates. Eventually, he was able to break down, scoring an assist with the balance. It started! Porto’s red card, unauthorized goal in the 91st minute, two extra time wins. But in the end, the Italians got out of the fray with the Portuguese playing ten, and they had something to celebrate after the final whistle. Very different moods prevailed in Turin.

Juventus need to prepare for some tough days. The Italian media will express their dissatisfaction. Such a large club does not fit to withdraw from the most important club competitions in March. In addition, playing so much time for a benefit. However, the problems of the Old Lady have not yet begun. And criticizing the media is far less of an issue.

First of all, there has been a lot of talk recently about Ronaldo saying goodbye to Juventus. He earns more for current epidemics: மில்லியன் 30 million a season. The defeat of the Champions League paid Zhuve a huge sum of money. Under the current circumstances, the Italians would certainly not get back the 100 100 million they bought for the CR7. They need to comfort themselves with a portion of that amount. Apart from that, there is also the game feature. Ronaldo should not swallow such a bitter pill. No national championship, not even coming to the Champions League quarterfinals. In addition, the CR7 lost a goal in the LM knockout stage for the first time since 2006. The Portuguese are exhausted and will end his three-year adventure with Juventus. Especially since he has only one year left until the end of his contract.

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Second, Andrea Birlow is still sitting in a warm chair. The Old Lady’s 41 – year – old coach is leading the team for the first season. It should not even survive to its end. Juventus have won the Italian Super Cup, which is in the Italian Cup final, but let’s be honest – it’s an appetite. Club officials will have no mercy on him. It’s hard to believe Juventus ’amazing variation. They lose 10 points to the leader in Serie A Inter. Now they are out of the Champions League. Birlow will say goodbye to the club in March.

At first glance, the club is losing two famous football personalities. On the other hand, is it time for a new opening? Ronaldo’s departure from Juventus should not have caused a rift in the club. The other, younger players are waiting for his place. For example, Federico Cisa, who scored all Juventus goals in the 1/8 final of the Champions League this year.