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"It was a very, very significant intimidation during pregnancy ..."

“It was a very, very significant intimidation during pregnancy …”

On this Tuesday, May 4th, Katarina Ramenhos was on “Ghosheh” talking to Manuel Louis Ghoshe.

The writer recalled a little of her personal and professional life, talked about her new book, and had the opportunity to talk about motherhood and each of her three daughters in particular.

Speaking of 4-year-old Maria Leonor, the youngest, Katarina Ramenhus ends up remembering the problem she was diagnosed with, when she was still in her “mother’s womb”.

Maria Leonor was a great source of horror during pregnancy (…) I had an amniocentesis in Santa Maria (…) There was a rapid result (…) of the primary trisomy test So I was okay with the baby. “, By counting.

Katarina Raminhos noted that then, in the subsequent test, which is “an analysis of a complete set of DNA,” “a failure in one of the chromosomes” was eventually detected, noting:

“We realized that there are only 22 children in the world suffering from the same disease That was when I felt the carpet slipping from my feet (…) and then it was very difficult to digest, ”he admitted.

The author admitted that pictures of many children with the disease were reaching her, noting that “from there” ultrasound scans are performed every month to understand the girl’s development:

“It felt like she wouldn’t have any problems (…)”, Guaranteed.

Then Katarina Ramenhos revealed that the moment of birth was very emotional, especially since Maria Leonor ended up with a healthy scientist:

“I would be born out of fear (…) When I was born, I pick her up and turn her over to see if everything is fine and put her on my chest and the nurse, who was aware of the condition, comes to me, and in her ear, says to me “She’s the perfect mother.”And which is what I wanted to hear, I cried a lot (…) What I felt was that I received the greatest gift of all: having that healthy daughter when everything points out. “

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It must be remembered that Katarina Ramenhos and Antonio Ramenhos are still parents to Maria Rita, 10, and Maria Ines, 8.